Study the essential vocabulary and translate the illustrative examples into Ukrainian.

2. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian:

1. This was a large low-ceilinged room, with rattling machines at which men in white shirt sleeves and blue aprons were working. 2. Druet was rattling on boasting about his recent victories and Hurstwood grew more and more resentful. 3. The quiet deliberate footsteps approaching my door rattled me/got me rattled. 4. She seemed rattled about my presence/by my question. 5. I had taken a taxi which rattled down the road. 6. He was left alone except Rachel rattling pots in the kitchen. 7. She didn't overlooka thing in planning the party. 8. June went there sometimes to cheer the old things up. 9. That was an unkind thing to say. 10. She's got a thing about fast cars. 11. I’m having trouble paying attention — I have a thing or two on my mind. 12. Anthony could not have blamed Steve if through resentment he now decided to abandon his brother to the dreadful struggle that was to come. 13. The Forsytes resented encroachments on their property. 14. Kit had been called out once before during the night and his body resented the second disturbance. 15. He was a big man who resented the buttons on his shirts. 16. Give me the best estimates you have by the end of the month. Err, if you must. 17. It was a new car, but dust, luggage, and erratic driving gave it a veteran appearance. 18. ... geniuses are such erratic people and mediocrities so respectable.19. The great thing about television is that if something important happens anywhere in the world, day or night, you can always change the channel. 20 Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time. 21.You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. 22. Most important thing in life is learning how to fall. 23. Love is a slippery slope and it's so easy to fall. 23.Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. 24. I never said I was perfect. I make mistakes; I fall down. But I pick myself right back up, dust myself off, and work for perfection.

B. 1. It is said that the business of words in prose is primari­ly to state; in poetry not only to state but also (and sometimes primarily) to suggest. 2. White gloves to the elbow suggested a Royal Garden party. 3. They say that to be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant. 4. He had been working at hospital for so long that he ignored the "No smoking" sign. 5. We are well underway with the publication of the textbook. 6. "I can give you a lift." "No, I'm going the other way." 7. The night was pitch dark and he felt his way about. 8. He has a way with students and they crowd to his lecture. 9. There is nothing unusual of the letter, nothing out of the way. 10. My wife went into hysterics at the mention of the police, but I stood firm and at last she gave way. 11. I'll see to everything, all you have to do is not to get in the way. 12. They go out of their way to do you good ... but you feel like a fool. 13. I gave him up (abandon) because didn't want to stand in his way. 14. Remember if there is any way in which I help you, it will be a pleasure. 15. I made my way into the smoking room. 16. Now they were inclined to meet us half-way. 17. I gave way to quite ungovernable grief. 18. So we two went on our way in great happiness. 19. The way to school was plain enough; the game consisted in finding some way that wasn't plain, starting off ten minutes early in some almost hopeless direction, and working my way round through unaccustomed streets to my goal. 20. He was walking part of the way home with me. 21. She didn't say anything but made way for us to pass. 22. He estimated they were half-way to the city. 23. In contrastto the way she had been before, she was now just another elderly woman. 24. Our garden is over­looked from the neighbours' windows.25. He complains that his services have been overlooked by his employers.

3. Give the English equivalents for the following phrases:

· тріщати; гуркотіти; гриміти; барабанити( про дощ); теревенити; тріщати; говорити без упину; мчатися з гуркотом; відбарабанити урок; брязкальце, гримуча змія;

· чайний посуд; солодощі; духовні цінності; стан речей; бідненька; крихітка; тупиця; сказати не те, що треба; справа в тому, що; як раз те,що треба; щось не зовсім підходяще; єдине;

· обурюватися чиєюсь поведінкою; обурюватись чиїмось відношенням; ображатися на зауваження; затаїти образу;

· навіювати; викликати; підказувати(думку); натякати; наводити на думку; говорити про; говорити само за себе;

· не взяти до уваги чиюсь пораду; пропустити зауваження повз вуха; не звернути уваги; ігнорувати чиюсь присутність; нічого не розуміти в мистецтві; не підозрювати про існування кого-небудь(чого-небудь); неук; тримати кого-небудь необізнаним; знехтувати обов’язками; занехаяти будинок; не турбуватися про дітей; запустити заняття;

· кімната з видом на море; дивитись на чиюсь погану поведінку крізь пальці; прогледіти найважливіше; пропустити помилку; випустити обставину з поля зору;

· дати дорогу; уступити; дати волю сльозам; перегородити дорогу; віддалений район; пробиратися у натовпі;

· помилка судочинства; орфографічні помилки; навіжена поведінка;

4. a) Give the Ukrainian equivalents for:

Airway, archway, carriage way, doorway, driveway, gang­way, getaway, highway, midway, motorway, railway, runway, sideway, stairway, waterway.

b) Give the opposite of the following statements using combination with the word "way":

1.He didn't stir a finger to help us. 2. The car will clear the way. 3. I'm sure he is at a loss and doesn't know what to do. 4. Do you think they will never agree to a compromise? 5. What you suggest is quite common. 6. Are you going in the opposite direction? 7. The pictures are similar in every way.